My consulting and training services allow you to pick my brain. They also enable me to have the opportunity to learn more about your situation and needs and offer some direction for where you can grow and enhance your work.


Photo by Nancy Keetch

My consulting and training services are available to you if you feel you need some direction or training in specific leadership skills or just want some objective observation and feedback concerning your work and/or ministry.

As a consultant/trainer, you can expect me to:

  • Provide professional insights for your specific leadership role
  • Teach skills that are needed in leadership (such as public speaking, how to teach, how to lead a Bible study, how to plan events, how to build an effective team, how to develop a team, etc.)
  • Train you with hands-on experiences
  • Help you learn to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses as an individual or as a team
  • Observe your current work or ministry and offer constructive feedback on areas where you could focus to see more growth
  • Provide written documentation of my observations and feedback as well as specific suggestions for the next steps

I can consult via Skype or in person. We would first need to discuss your specific needs to determine which would be the most effective type of consulting or training for you and/or your team and to determine the cost of these services. If you’re interested, please complete the form below and I will be happy to respond to your questions within 3 business days.

I am always happy to customize a consulting/training session to meet your needs. The topics listed below are just a few examples of sessions I have conducted with other groups.

Sample Training/Professional Development topics:

Intentional Teaching in a Christian Context: Helping Preschoolers Hide God’s Word in Their Hearts

Description: In this interactive workshop using role play and learning centers with preschool teachers, I help them uncover some new ways to interject biblical truth into every aspect of a preschooler’s day.

Time length: 1.5-2 hours

Suitable for: Teachers and workers in Christian preschools and Sunday Schools

Can be offered as: a single professional development session, a volunteer training course, or church staff enrichment

Note: When I discovered my passion and gifting in teaching, I started out as a preschool teacher and got my Texas certification as a Teacher of Young Children. I have since taught all ages and have been a university instructor in teacher education programs. I still have a great love and admiration for preschool workers.

How to Apply the Master’s Model for Ministry

Description: Based on Jesus’ pattern of teaching, mentoring, and delegating authority to others, this seminar will train participants how to apply this model to their ministry to help transform it into a movement—whether they are in the beginning, growing, or evaluating stage of development. 

Time length: 4 one-hour sessions

Suitable for: leaders of faith-based groups

Can be offered as: a leadership retreat, a multi-week leadership development training seminar, a one-day seminar

How to Thrive Working on a Church Staff: Leadership Development for Church Ministerial Staff

Description: An interactive experience where participants reflect on their own leadership abilities and discover leadership gifts among their ministry cohorts. Excellent opportunity for collaboration between pastors, ministry leaders, lay leaders, etc.

Participants will:

  • Gain practical ideas for improving leadership skills needed in ministry.
  • Be challenged with a renewed commitment to the spiritual disciplines and their application in leadership development.
  • Be encouraged by the refreshing questions brought to leadership situations by those newer to their ministry roles.
  • Acquire new tools to use in their ministry context. 

Time length: 4 hour-long sessions

  • Session 1: The What of Ministry Leadership – Focus on the HEART of Ministry Leadership
  • Session 2: The Who of Ministry Leadership – Focus on the SOUL of Ministry Leadership
  • Session 3: The How of Ministry Leadership – Focus on the STRENGTH of Ministry Leadership
  • Session 4: The When of Ministry Leadership – The Gifts of Time, Experience, and Newness – Focus on “The Neighboring of Leadership”

Suitable for: faith groups

Can be offered as a: a one-day leadership development conference, a two-day ministry leadership retreat (pastors, women’s ministry leaders, lay leaders, etc.), a four-session multi-week seminar/workshop