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Laura speaking at The Generous Life Conference in Austin, TX

Note: This page tells you about some of my favorite speaking topics. These are presented in more of a teaching/consulting format. If you are interested in my coaching services, please see my Coaching page. 


Keynote Addresses – Retreats – Conferences – Business Lunches –  After-Dinner Talks – Church Classes – Worship Speaking – Teaching – Panel Discussions – Secular and Sacred Topics – Women’s Clubs – Book Clubs – Community Organizations – Home Groups  

I love to speak to groups of any size–and I have 30+ years experience with audiences ranging from 7 to 7,000. I see any opportunity to speak as a chance to teach. My favorite topics include a motivational leadership focus based on the practical, timeless examples of biblical women leaders, and I especially enjoy speaking when it can be interactive with the audience. However, I have spoken on a variety of topics related to leadership development, professional development, missions, ministry, singleness, spiritual development, and American women’s history. I have also taught through numerous books of the Bible.

I am happy to customize a topic to fit your group’s needs or your event’s theme. If you would like to talk to me more about whether I would be a good fit for your event, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will be happy to contact you within 3 business days. When we talk, we will be able to determine the cost of my speaking engagement for your event.

Here is a sampling of my topics:

Growing in Wisdom and Compassion – A Spiritual Intelligence Workshop

Description: A fun, interactive, and informative workshop which explores the four areas of spiritual intelligence: knowing yourself, knowing your world, self mastery, and social mastery/spiritual presence. You will be introduced to the SQ21 spiritual intelligence inventory and how it helps you identify areas for personal growth. The topic of spiritual intelligence is suitable for business and secular groups because it is not about faith or religion. It focuses on the broader ideas of wisdom, peace, and compassion, which can be discussed by a very diverse group. For a faith-based group, the workshop includes a discussion of how the skills of spiritual intelligence relate to the spiritual disciplines and biblical models of spiritual transformation.

Time length: 3-4 hours (based on structure of event)

Suitable for: church groups, secular groups (with modifications)

Can be offered as: a professional development seminar in a business or school environment, a church retreat, a half-day conference, a series of one-hour lectures

Spiritual Intelligence: Bringing Wisdom and Compassion to Your Corner of the World 

Description: An introduction to the four areas of spiritual intelligence: knowing yourself, knowing your world, self mastery, and social mastery/spiritual presence. Our application of these spiritual skills can bring more peace or more drama to any situation. This topic is broader than religion or faith-based concepts and can be discussed in any setting.

Time length: ~ 1 hour

Suitable for: secular groups or faith-based groups

Can be offered as: a lunchtime lecture, a keynote address, a book club discussion on SQ21: The Twenty-one Skills of Spiritual Intelligence by Cindy Wigglesworth

The Women of Christmas: How Four Women Changed the World 

Description: An inspirational message about the way God worked through women’s words and willingness to share the Savior with the world. Re-imagine the roles of Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna to help shape your understanding of the Advent Season.

Time length: Adaptable (Short sermon or 45-min lecture or 4 one-hour sessions)

Suitable for: church groups, faith-based groups, or secular women’s groups

Can be offered as: Christmas event at church or a lecture in a women’s community group

Faith Gives Birth to Feminism: Discover the Source You Don’t Know Behind the Movement You Do

Description: A lecture on the lives of five 19th-century American women activists and how they gave voice to their biblically-based convictions about the abolition of slavery and the equality of the genders and races. “Sheroes” studied: Lucretia Coffin Mott, Sarah and Angelina Grimke, Sojourner Truth, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I also show how their interconnectedness created a web of influence that made history! 

Time length: 45 min – 1 hour or shorter to cover fewer women

Suitable for: secular or faith-based groups

Can be offered as: a Women’s History Month keynote, a guest lecture in a university, a lecture for a women’s group/club, a lecture for a historical foundation/museum

When God Chooses a Woman First: God Encounters Experienced by Women in the Bible and Why They Matter Today

Description: Based on my forthcoming book of the same title, this seminar will inspire participants through an interactive encounter with the stories of times God chose a woman to be the first person ever to encounter God in a unique way or to express a particular truth about God. These confidence-building stories from the Bible show that God chose a woman to be

  • the first person to encounter the angel of the LORD and to give God a name
  • the first person to authenticate scripture
  • the first person to confirm the coming birth of the Messiah
  • the first person to voice a public Messianic confession
  • the first person to encounter the Risen Christ and to announce the Resurrection—the foundational truth of the Christian faith!
  • and more!

Time length: Customizable from a keynote address to a 2-hour seminar to a full weekend retreat experience

Suitable for: Faith-based groups or secular groups (especially women’s civic clubs, book clubs, women’s studies classrooms) 

Can be offered as: a leadership retreat, a multi-week leadership development training seminar, or a one-day seminar

The Generous Life: How to Share Your God-Colors and God-Flavors with the World

Description: An interactive 2-part experience that helps the participants relate to scripture in a personal way and gives them practical ideas for having an intentional influence on the lives of others.

  • Participants get to the know themselves and others better through reflection exercises, discussion groups, and sensory experiences.
  • Participants explore the lives of selected biblical women and the long-lasting influence those women had on the people around them and their situations, inspiring participants to shape their own life experiences to have similar influence.
  • Participants gain a deeper understanding of the long-standing legacies of biblical women.
  • Time length: 2 interactive, discussion-based sessions, 1.5-hours each

Time length: 2 one-and-a-half hour sessions

Part 1: How to Bring Out Your God-Colors – Participants will explore the lives of selected women from the Old Testament: Deborah, Ruth, Hannah, Jehosheba, and Huldah 

Part 2: How to Bring Out Your God-Flavors – Participants will explore the lives of selected women from the New Testament: Elizabeth, Martha of Bethany, Mary Magdalene, Phoebe, and Priscilla

Suitable for: faith-based groups

Can be offered as: a one-day conference for women or mixed audiences, a two-day women’s retreat,  a mini-series of lectures/discussions over a multi-week timeframe

How to Bloom Where You’re Planted (good for women’s groups)

(Re)Building on a Solid Foundation (good for men’s or mixed groups)

Description: An interactive, Bible-study driven experience exploring the lives of biblical characters who grew in their relationship with God and others and how their life lessons can guide our modern-day pursuit of a passionate relationship with the God of compassion.

How to Love God with All Your . . . 

  • Heart – explore who you are (Session 1)
  • Soul – sojourn your spiritual path (Session 2)
  • Mind – renew yourself with a transformed mind (Session 3)
  • Strength – live like Christ (Session 4)
  • How to Love your Neighbor as Yourself – show people they’re your priority (Session 5) 

Time length: 5 one-hour sessions including interaction OR 3 one-hour sessions with less interaction

Suitable for:  faith groups

Can be offered as: a half-day conference of lectures, a one-day interactive conference, a two-day retreat, a five-week mini-series

Your Leadership Legacy

Description: An interactive experience where participants find common ground with characters from ancient literature, identify their personal leadership strengths, and determine their potential for intentional influence over the next generation.

Women studied: Hannah, Jehosheba, Huldah, Elizabeth, Martha, Phoebe

Time length: 45 min – 1 hour

Suitable for: secular or faith groups

Can be offered as: a lunch-time seminar, a women’s group guest lecture, a one-session Bible study/discussion

Living Significantly Single

Description: A seminar offering practical guidelines for contented single living in a world of matched pairs. Based on the secret of the “abundant life” promised by a single adult more than 2,000 years ago, this seminar is filled with humor, biblical principles, and real-life stories from my personal experience as a long-time single. Your single adults will be enlivened and encouraged as they discover their deepest yearning and how to declare their distinct YES!

Time length: Flexible from an after-dinner keynote to a full, interactive two-day retreat

Suitable for: secular or faith groups

Can be offered as: an after-dinner keynote, a one-day conference, a two-day retreat

More topic descriptions coming soon . . .

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