Note: This page tells you how my coaching services could help you or your team develop the timeless leadership skills needed in this ever-changing world. Coaching is different than consulting or mentoring. A coach does NOT tell you HOW to do something as a consultant or mentor could. A coach asks you the right questions to guide you through a process of discovering the answers that are already within you, helping you see how you can set your own goals and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, and then holding you accountable to reach those goals on your terms.

If you are interested in my speaking topics that are presented in more of a teaching/consulting format, please see my Speaking page.

If you are interested in more of a how-to approach for leadership skills, please see my Consulting/Training page. 

Here are some sample scenarios of how my coaching services could benefit you or your team.

For individuals:

  • You are trying to discern your life purpose or a new direction in life
  • You are in a transition phase in life and need a plan for what’s next
  • You need an accountability system to help you achieve your goals for your life or ministry
  • You are a leader who has lost focus in ministry and needs to reboot your spiritual vitality for the sake of your own soul and those you lead
  • You need a way to maintain the disciplines to help you achieve the dreams you believe God has for you

For leadership teams:

  • Your team is starting a new ministry and wants to make sure all the bases are covered before the launch
  • Your team is wanting to take an established ministry to the next level and needs help in discerning where and how to grow effectively
  • Your team is concerned that an established ministry has plateaued or is losing effectiveness and help is needed to determine the next step
  • Your team is seeking new leadership
  • Your team needs a reboot for more efficient and productive outcomes
  • Your team needs help in developing goals and ways to communicate your accomplishments

Interested in a Coaching Relationship? 

As a certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach, I especially enjoy clients who are wanting to grow spiritually and want to develop their relationship with Christ, hone their spiritual gifts, or dive deeper into the spiritual disciplines.

A coaching relationship can be as short or long as you think necessary. Some people get the immediate direction they are seeking after just a few sessions. Others find that the ongoing accountability aspect of coaching really helps them stay focused on their goals and reach higher levels of achievement.

I am happy to offer a FREE 30-minute session for you to see if we are a good coaching match. Coaching is typically done over the phone in one-hour sessions. In a group situation, we can use an internet-based meeting platform via a computer or a speaker phone.

Coaching does not require travel expenses.

Coaching does require a contract and advance payment for services as designated in the contract.

To learn more about my rates for coaching individuals and teams, please complete and submit the form below. I will respond within 3 business days.

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