Advise the Potential

How to See the Future in Others

Her whole story is often overlooked. Mary Magdalene is first introduced to us as a suffering woman healed by Jesus (Luke 8). The last time we see her in scripture, Jesus has commissioned her to be the first person in history to share the Resurrection News (John 20). What a transformation! By advising her potential, Jesus teaches us how to see the future:

  1. Trust the working of the Holy Spirit in others’ lives.
  2. Involve others in your projects/ministry by using their unique skills/gifts.
  3. Entrust others with life-giving information to share with others.

Join the conversation in the Comments section by answering this question: Who saw potential in you and how did they let you know?

Laura Savage-Rains--coach, speaker, writer--is the founder and author of who is using her 30+ years of ministry and leadership experience to teach women how to lead with passion. She is a native Texan who has also lived in foreign places such as Alabama and Romania. She makes her home in Lakeway, Texas, with her husband, Mark. She loves to write, speak, and teach the Bible. She is also a women's ministry team member, choir member, stepmom, and Grammy to 3 little girls. She loves dark chocolate with caramel, "The Sound of Music" movie, and Barbra Streisand's music.

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4 thoughts on “Advise the Potential

  1. A fellow math teacher, Dixie Ross, encouraged me to move beyond the classroom to become a workshop leader and trainer of other math teachers. She submitted my name to the College Board as a potential workshop leader and then mentored me when I was accepted. She continued to encourage me and set an example for me. Thanks to her, I had wonderful growing and learning experiences and met so many other wonderful mathematics colleagues.

  2. Thanks, Laura, love this, seeing potential in people and involving them in your own ministry! I also love that you listed Alabama along with Romania as a foreign place that you’ve lived, lol ?I like dark chocolate too! Keep up this awesome ministry for women!

    • Thanks so much, Vicki! I am so glad we have reconnected! Let me know if your church needs a speaker for any upcoming events! It’s always fun to visit my hometown of Nederland, TX!