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90-word Nuggets for Leaders

NOTE: Summer’s here and I’m promising myself to lighten my load and write shorter posts. So, here’s my first of a series of 90-word Nuggets for Leaders.

Read in [this Instruction] every day . . . learn to revere the Lord . . . by keeping all the words of this Instruction. . . . He will ensure lasting rule . . . for himself and for his successors. (Deut. 17:19a, 20b)

Leaders learn from the Source – both the written Word and the Holy Spirit –

FIRST, who they are to be on the inside;

SECOND, how they are to work with others; and then

THIRD, where God is challenging them to direct their group, organization, or ministry.

Lasting legacies depend on a faithfulness to this process.

Get the conversation going . . . sign in with a “Hi from __” every week over the summer in the Comments section below and I’ll send you a special gift at the end of the summer. 🙂 

Laura Savage-Rains--coach, speaker, writer--is the founder and author of WomensMinistryCoach.com who is using her 30+ years of ministry and leadership experience to teach women how to lead with passion. She is a native Texan who has also lived in foreign places such as Alabama and Romania. She makes her home in Lakeway, Texas, with her husband, Mark. She loves to write, speak, and teach the Bible. She is also a women's ministry team member, choir member, stepmom, and Grammy to 3 little girls. She loves dark chocolate with caramel, "The Sound of Music" movie, and Barbra Streisand's music.

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7 thoughts on “Leaders Learn

  1. Hi Laura, from Vicki Westbrook. Thanks for your “nuggets”! I love reading them and they always make me stop and think how I can be a better leader both in my business and spiritually.

    • Thanks, Vicki! Always great to hear from you and realize what a blessing it is to still be connected with Christian friends from high school days. Blessings on your Plexus business! Have a great summer with those grandkids!

  2. Hi from Marilyn Cobb! You’ve set yourself quite a challenge, Laura! I’ll look forward to your summer posts — as I do all year long. My favorite words in this post are: “Leaders learn from the Source – both the written Word and the Holy Spirit”