The Secret to Resilient Confidence

Hagar and Her Empowering Encounter

what-if-woman-fearfulDoes fear ever keep you from doing something? Do you ever panic at the thought of being among strangers? Do you lack that confident edge that you see in others? We have all had at least one of these feelings at some point in our lives—that first school dance, that job interview, that speech in front of your peers, or that party where you knew no one but had to be there. The story of Hagar illustrates how much confidence we can claim as followers of the Resurrected Christ!

She had no control over her circumstances. Hagar was the foreign, Egyptian slave girl in a home where she was misused by Abram and Sarai who chose to get ahead of God’s promise to them. Sarai’s plot to give Hagar to Abram to become a surrogate mother—while culturally appropriate—was not God’s Plan A. When Hagar got pregnant, she started looking down on Sarai and then Sarai harshly mistreated Hagar, causing Hagar to run away into the wilderness. And that’s when God chose Hagar—the pregnant, Egyptian slave girl—to be the first person to encounter the “angel of the LORD,” which many scholars believe to be an appearance of Jesus before he became human!

The angel started a conversation with her, calling her by name—the only one in the story who ever calls her by name. Then, God gave her a personal promise and a responsibility. Hagar responded with obedience.

That one empowering encounter with God gave Hagar the courage—the resilient confidence—to return to her owner. In response, Hagar gave God a name—the first person ever to do so in the Bible! The name she gave God means “The God Who Sees Me.” Hagar—the outsider, the foreigner, not even part of the Covenant People—experienced the personal attention of God—the Creator and Ruler of the Universe—regardless of her nationality, her gender, her social status, or even her religious beliefs. No matter who you are or where you are:

  • God sees you
  • God knows your name
  • God hears you
  • God has promises for you
  • And God wants a personal encounter with you!

Since God was willing to make a special appearance to endow a young, pregnant, foreign slave girl with a personal promise and the courage to return to less than ideal circumstances, what do you think God is willing to do for someone who has already accepted the gift of salvation and wants to serve in Christ’s name? See Ephesians 1 for starters.

Tips to try

Today, that same kind of resilient confidence is available to you through an empowering encounter with the Resurrected Christ. Such confidence will help you withstand anything: anxiety at work, family/health crises, difficult relationships, tragic news, the temptations of incredible success, even death! The encounter you had with Christ that brought you salvation provided you access to a supernatural resilient confidence that only he offers. Living in that confidence depends on your conscious discipline of keeping your relationship with the Lord your primary pursuit.

If you are a ministry leader, shape your ministry into one that seeks out women who feel like outsiders. Show them how to have an empowering encounter with Christ through God’s word. By doing so, you’ll change the world!

You can read the whole story of Hagar in Genesis 16; 21:9-21; and 25:12-16.

Share Hagar’s story with others with a FREE one-page, reproducible Bible study found on the Resources page.

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Tell about an empowering encounter you’ve had with God and how it inspired you to complete a task or to be able to endure a difficult situation.

Provide some ideas for ways your ministry can make “outsiders” feel included in your ministry, your community, your church, your workplace, or your family.

What is an area where you think women lack resilient confidence today?

Laura Savage-Rains--coach, speaker, writer--is the founder and author of who is using her 30+ years of ministry and leadership experience to teach women how to lead with passion. She is a native Texan who has also lived in foreign places such as Alabama and Romania. She makes her home in Lakeway, Texas, with her husband, Mark. She loves to write, speak, and teach the Bible. She is also a women's ministry team member, choir member, stepmom, and Grammy to 3 little girls. She loves dark chocolate with caramel, "The Sound of Music" movie, and Barbra Streisand's music.

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30 thoughts on “The Secret to Resilient Confidence

  1. I had just begun to read the blogs and the Hagar blog really spoke to me. I had no idea of what was ahead for my family. We have walked through a dark valley these last three weeks. Though my heart breaks for the loss of our baby granddaughter, Ella, and gut wrenching pain and grief my children are going through, the Lord has been so real and we have felt His power. Such a reminder of His great love for people, saved and unsaved.

  2. Am reading the new blog and enjoying learning about Hagar. Learning things I never knew about this amazing woman. Thank you dear friend for thinking of women and their desires to lead. Looking forward to the next resource to guide me as I lead millennials and inspire them to step into the calling that God has for each one of them.

  3. Hi, Laura! The Lord has great plans for you. Blessings overflowing for this new ministry journey. Your wisdom, experience, and commitment to Christ and to women will encourage women around the world, as you already have through all these years!

  4. Congrats and well done! I look forward to following and using the ministry through you Laura. Love you and how exciting to see a dream playing out in your life! Love you Laura Lou

  5. Laura, this is awesome. Know you will be a huge blessing to women as they benefit from your blog and enrich their skills for leadership. Such a joy to serve with you on our Women’s Ministry Team. Love and God’s rich blessings on your step in faith.

  6. Thanking God for His goodness from Austin, Texas. Thank you for developing this wonderful tool to help women grow in their leadership skills for greater effectiveness in serving our King!
    God bless you.

  7. This looks wonderful, Laura. May the Lord multiply your impact as you continue to invest in developing women to be effective followers of Jesus.

  8. Glad to see your comment section is working! So now I will post my comments again. Your site is fantastic. I pray that this site will enable you to use your talents, your education, your experience, and your wonderful ideas to further the wonderful Gospel of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ.

    For those of you who are considering using Laura’s services I want you to know that the smile is genuine. Not only is Laura gifted, but she has a warm, loving personality and shares the message of our Savior with enthusiasm and devotion.

  9. Congrats to my long-time friend for launching a much-needed resource that is aimed specifically at the amazing opportunities inherent in ministry to and through women! Looking forward to seeing where God takes you on this new journey.

  10. What a great site!
    Hey! Being your Sunday School co-teacher, will I be cheating if I come here for resources ! Congratulation on the BIG-IN ! (begin !)
    May God continue to Empower you, to empower His other daughters to do great things for HIM!

  11. I pray that this website will be a wonderful tool so that you are able to continue and expand your ministry of teaching, leading and supporting others in their efforts to transform the world by the grace of God. This is wonderful!