Elizabeth’s Prophetic Joy

The Women of Christmas, Part 2 of 4

What is the most joyful thing you’ve ever experienced? For Elizabeth, it was the experience of finally being pregnant after a lifetime of barrenness. Sure, pregnancy is a common enough occurrence, but not for everyone. She was well past childbearing years, and yet God chose Elizabeth to be the recipient of one of the birthing […]

Train Your Successors

How to Leave Your Mark

How do you want your leadership to be remembered? Answering that is a good exercise. Preparing for that is a sacred duty. Jesus said expectantly, “The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father” […]

Befriend the Younger Generation

How to Ensure Your Legacy

Investing in the younger generation is the best assurance you can have that the good work you’ve started will continue. Here are three ways to ensure your legacy intentionally by befriending the younger generation already eager to make a difference: Spend quality time with someone much younger. Listen!   Ask them to teach/advise you about […]

Honor Your Sheroes and Heroes

How to Leave a Legacy of Valuable Lessons

Can you still hear the advice and encouragement in your heart from the sheroes and heroes who have shaped your life? Giving them credit for their contributions to your accomplishments is a way to express humble gratitude. Here are 3 ways (among many) you can honor the memory of those who came before you:  Mention […]

Educate Effectively

How to Develop Faithful Followers

Leaders with faithful followers have learned to educate effectively. To educate effectively, you address your followers’ specific needs. To know your followers’ needs, you spend time with your followers.   The leaders I follow educate me effectively by helping me:   Belong to a community Find practical solutions Have opportunities to fulfill a meaningful responsibility […]

Spiritual Graduation: An Attainable Goal

Leadership 101 for Christian Women Series - Pt. 4

Graduation. Does the church ever graduate anyone? Schools and workplaces have systems in place to help people progress in their intellectual and professional growth. So what are we doing as church leaders to help people know if they’re ready to “graduate” spiritually? In this fourth post in my Leadership 101 Series for Christian Women, I’ll […]

3 Essential Questions Every Ministry Should Ask

Applying Jesus' Model for Ministry

Is the ministry you lead or participate in following Jesus’ model for ministry? The model Jesus offers us is laid out in chapters 5-10 of the gospel of Matthew. This model is applicable to any type of ministry – a women’s ministry, a food pantry ministry, a church, a music ministry, a teaching ministry, a […]

6 Marks of a Willing Mentor

Elizabeth and Her Expectant Joy

Who are your mentors? Who are you mentoring? Whether you want to be a mentor or are looking for one, what are the marks of a willing mentor? Women’s relationships are extremely important to God and are used to shape us into the women God has created and called us to be. My favorite biblical […]