The Best Choice? Prophet Anna’s Voice

The Women of Christmas, Part 4 of 4

It was a brisk spring morning and Anna’s aging bones were reminding her of her advanced years. After her daily ritual bath at the temple, required by all who wanted to enter the temple courts to worship, she ascended the steps toward the Court of Women. She caught herself grinning and almost skipping with some […]

The Strength of Surrender: Mary, the mother of Jesus

The Women of Christmas, Part 3

Who was the first person to know of the coming birth of the Messiah? Who was the first person to request a miracle from Jesus? Would you be surprised to know that the same woman is the answer to both of those questions? Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the first person to know of […]

Elizabeth’s Prophetic Joy

The Women of Christmas, Part 2 of 4

What is the most joyful thing you’ve ever experienced? For Elizabeth, it was the experience of finally being pregnant after a lifetime of barrenness. Sure, pregnancy is a common enough occurrence, but not for everyone. She was well past childbearing years, and yet God chose Elizabeth to be the recipient of one of the birthing […]

Thankful for fun, new opportunities

I was on TV!

This is Thanksgiving week and I’m very thankful for the life and friends and family God has given me. I am most thankful for Jesus and the salvation and eternal life he gives. And then there are those little surprises that come along in life. I have been working for Con’ Olio Oils and Vinegars […]

The Gift of Girlfriends!

How do you celebrate your friends?

Have you heard Reba McEntire’s new song “God and My Girlfriends” from her newest–and first gospel–album, “Sing it Now”? The song celebrates the blessing of faith and friendship and it sounds like the story of my life! I have been so blessed to have amazing girlfriends my whole life. I hope I have been the […]