Determine Your Perspective

How to Have Lasting Joy as a Leader

Success in your work is not the source of lasting joy. An excited group of 70 disciples returned from their powerful mission trip. Jesus joyfully heard their report, celebrated with them, and acknowledged their success. His wise counsel then still works today: “Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this, that the spirits submit to you, but […]

Act with Discernment

How to Know What to Do Next

Truly seeking God’s will? God will guide you. This verse is my reminder: “For we are of God’s making, created in union with the Messiah Yeshua for a life of good actions already prepared by God for us to do” (Eph. 2:9-10, CJB) Trusting that God already has a plan for you will help you […]

Encourage Excellence

How to Increase Your Influence

Increase your influence by encouraging excellence. “Whatever is true, . . . noble, . . . right, . . . pure, . . . lovely, . . . admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And […]

Leaders Learn

90-word Nuggets for Leaders

NOTE: Summer’s here and I’m promising myself to lighten my load and write shorter posts. So, here’s my first of a series of 90-word Nuggets for Leaders. Read in [this Instruction] every day . . . learn to revere the Lord . . . by keeping all the words of this Instruction. . . . […]

Spiritual Graduation: An Attainable Goal

Leadership 101 for Christian Women Series - Pt. 4

Graduation. Does the church ever graduate anyone? Schools and workplaces have systems in place to help people progress in their intellectual and professional growth. So what are we doing as church leaders to help people know if they’re ready to “graduate” spiritually? In this fourth post in my Leadership 101 Series for Christian Women, I’ll […]

The 2 Essential Skills of Great Leaders You Can’t Learn from a Book

Leadership 101 for Christian Women Series - Pt. 3

What would you say is the difference between a leader and a great leader? Since Jesus is The. Greatest. Leader., his example is the one we strive to emulate. One of my favorite passages illustrating Jesus’ Great Leadership shows his incredible compassion for girls and women. In this third post in my Leadership 101 for Christian Women […]

What’s Your Peace-Making Process?

Leadership 101 for Christian Women Series - Pt. 2

About two years after my first major romantic breakup as an adult, the guy got a job at the same large denominational ministry where I was working! I had to face him every day–and face the fact that my own heart was still boiling with a lack of forgiveness. With the Spirit’s help I was able to […]

Leadership 101 for Christian Women

A Decision-Making Process

I’m starting a series with this article giving specific leadership principles, practices, and promises for Christian women. I’d love to hear your comments! While I love to teach the stories of biblical women and glean leadership principles from their lives, I really believe there is an even more important tool with which a Christian woman […]

What if we took the brother-sister relationship seriously in the church?

Priscilla and Aquila

The brother-sister metaphor is used in the New Testament to describe the relationship among Christians. It is a picture of equal status and equal responsibility. So, how are we doing with that in practical terms in the church today? How would our ministries benefit if we sought out the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of the other […]

3 Essential Questions Every Ministry Should Ask

Applying Jesus' Model for Ministry

Is the ministry you lead or participate in following Jesus’ model for ministry? The model Jesus offers us is laid out in chapters 5-10 of the gospel of Matthew. This model is applicable to any type of ministry – a women’s ministry, a food pantry ministry, a church, a music ministry, a teaching ministry, a […]

A Third Peek into My Leadership Toolbox

Mary Magdalene: From Worst to First - Part 2

Can you imagine someone joining your church staff tomorrow who was just released from prison today? I can’t, but I should be able to! Why? Because when Jesus healed Mary Magdalene from being imprisoned by seven demons–which could imply she suffered from the worst possible corruption–she became one of a group of wealthy women who […]

A Second Peek into My Leadership Toolbox

Lessons in Being Misunderstood from Mary Magdalene - Part 1

Being misunderstood is an expected occupational hazard for any leader. Being doubted as a leader is also frustrating. Sometimes, those occurrences can make you feel debilitatingly paralyzed from wanting to continue with your responsibilities. That’s when I pull out my leadership tools of the example of others who overcame such obstacles. I often turn to the […]

5 Humble Habits of Servant Leaders

The Anointing Woman in the New Testament and Sojourner Truth

Servant leadership is a popular term. Yet, what does it look like? Can you actually be a leader who serves others with a humble spirit in today’s competitive marketplace, in today’s political environment, even in today’s church? I believe the answer is yes because Jesus modeled it and expects us to follow his leadership. The […]

How to “Love Kindness” by Embracing Differences

Pharaoh's Daughter and Sarah and Angelina Grimké

Don’t you enjoy being around someone who is kind? There’s a tangible gentleness, peace, and feeling of belonging whenever you are experiencing or witnessing an act of genuine kindness. I believe this is evidence of our being made in the image of God. The women I am writing about in this third of a four-part […]

How to “Do Justice” by Asking the Right Questions

Zelophehad's Daughters and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

A well-posed question is an effective tool which can jar me out of my assumptions, especially if that question requires me to think from another perspective or defend my own ideas and beliefs. My way of thinking is, after all, logical (in my mind), routine, and even comforting. In this second of a four-part series for Women’s […]

How to “Do Justice” through Righteous Defiance

Shiphrah, Puah, and Lucretia Mott - ordinary women who changed their world

Our world’s problems are overwhelming and we can feel helpless to make a difference. Yet, each one of us can make an impact on these problems with conscious, daily actions. From human trafficking to global warming to endless wars to the world’s refugee crisis, you can help to bring about positive change! As a leader, […]

“Hidden Figures” Movie Discussion Guide

With a Bible Study on the Samaritan Woman - A Woman Hidden in Plain Sight

I had a great time in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, last week consulting with a group of very capable, gifted, and enthusiastic women leaders guiding them through a strategic planning process (Hello, PASJ WMU!) Our fun activity on Friday evening was to go see the movie “Hidden Figures” together and then go out for dessert and a discussion […]

Cross-cultural Friendship 101

How to make friends outside your comfort zone

Going outside our comfort zones is always a little challenging. All of us find it easiest to do routine things with familiar people. Yet, to be a leader, you will be required to have some skill in working outside your comfort zone. Leaders are expected to go outside their comfort zones through new projects, a […]

A Peek into My Leadership Toolbox

Influential books in my life

About two years after I graduated from seminary, God made it clear to me that everyone I knew was already salty and shiny and I was not being the salt and light I needed to be. So, God called me into secular work and out of my ministry job in a large denominational agency. That’s […]

How to Lead Dynamic and Effective Meetings – Part 2

Stand-Out Professional Tips 6-10

Last week, I began a list of 10 tips for leading better meetings. Here are a few more that can keep the energy going on a project that requires meeting time. Stand-Out Professional Tips for Leading Dynamic and Effective Meetings – Part 2 6. Call, email, or text a reminder about the time and location of […]