Why Ministry Partnerships Matter

The example of Priscilla and Aquila

Ministry partnerships are the backbone of the church. If people didn’t work together, the church could not survive. In women’s ministry, women work together to create wonderful events for women to help them grow spiritually. In men’s ministry, men work together to provide opportunities for men to grow deeper in their faith. In the church […]

Telling People Where to Go . . .

How to Read the Bible Like a Leader - Part 3

What is your process as a leader for knowing where to go next? Sometimes the “going” is literal for yourself as in where God is calling you to move, to work, to serve, or to learn. Sometimes the “going” is more about where your group needs to go next as in changing locations for your […]

Can you measure Spiritual Intelligence?

Workshop coming Sep 16

Who are your spiritual leaders–past and present? Most of us would probably have Jesus at the top of our list, yet there are others who have also brought wisdom, peace, and compassion to our world. I think of the Apostle Paul, Corrie ten Boom, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks. Have you ever […]

Spiritual Graduation: An Attainable Goal

Leadership 101 for Christian Women Series - Pt. 4

Graduation. Does the church ever graduate anyone? Schools and workplaces have systems in place to help people progress in their intellectual and professional growth. So what are we doing as church leaders to help people know if they’re ready to “graduate” spiritually? In this fourth post in my Leadership 101 Series for Christian Women, I’ll […]

3 Essential Questions Every Ministry Should Ask

Applying Jesus' Model for Ministry

Is the ministry you lead or participate in following Jesus’ model for ministry? The model Jesus offers us is laid out in chapters 5-10 of the gospel of Matthew. This model is applicable to any type of ministry – a women’s ministry, a food pantry ministry, a church, a music ministry, a teaching ministry, a […]

How to Lead Dynamic and Effective Meetings – Part 2

Stand-Out Professional Tips 6-10

Last week, I began a list of 10 tips for leading better meetings. Here are a few more that can keep the energy going on a project that requires meeting time. Stand-Out Professional Tips for Leading Dynamic and Effective Meetings – Part 2 6. Call, email, or text a reminder about the time and location of […]

How to Lead Dynamic and Effective Meetings – Part 1

Stand-Out Professional Tips 1-5

I know there are people who don’t like meetings. I am not one of those people. I like love being with other people, so meetings are a chance for me to do that. I guess I look more forward to the social aspect than the business aspect. As a leader–of anything–you have to conduct meetings. They […]

How to Use Your Influence to Make a Positive Impact

Hidden Figures - Part 3 of 3 - Phoebe

She was probably single. She was evidently a woman of independent means living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities on earth in the first century, able to travel more than 600 miles, a servant leader recognized by her church as a deacon, and a financial supporter of many—including the apostle Paul. She was apparently […]

3 Principles for Empowering Others with Praise

Miriam and Her Leadership of Worship

Why do you think we are wired to desire praise from others? My theory is that it is part of our being created in the image of God. Since God wants to be praised for WHO God is, then it makes sense that humans should want to receive appreciation for WHO we are–not just for what […]

3 Practices of Stand-Out Leaders

Deborah and Her Effective Leadership Style

We can all list the types of leaders we don’t like and we can quickly identify their unlikeable characteristics. So, what are the characteristics of leaders we do like? What are some of the things leaders do that make us want to follow them even more? In this blog, I will describe three practices that will help […]

Seven Steps to Purposeful Planning in Women’s Ministry

How to plan for success

Whether you are just starting out in a leadership role and want to build your confidence or you are a seasoned ministry leader and want to help your team be more productive, you need effective planning skills. Planning ahead is absolutely necessary to increase the chance of success for your event, project, or activity. Knowing that, do […]

The Secret to Resilient Confidence

Hagar and Her Empowering Encounter

Does fear ever keep you from doing something? Do you ever panic at the thought of being among strangers? Do you lack that confident edge that you see in others? We have all had at least one of these feelings at some point in our lives—that first school dance, that job interview, that speech in […]