When a Woman Called for Reformation

Long before Luther, there was Huldah!

Martin Luther’s Reformation began in his own heart when he read with new eyes the scripture “The righteous will live by faith” in Romans 1:17 and he finally understood that his good works wouldn’t save him. His interpretation sparked the Protestant Reformation on October 31, 1517. And today happens to be the 500th Anniversary of […]

Where did you get your Bible?

A woman may have translated it!

I am in the midst of a planning retreat, so I am sharing an article with you today from Christianity Today. It is a wonderful reminder just how vital women are to the advancement of the kingdom of God–and specifically about how single women have been such a powerful force in missions. According to the […]

5 Humble Habits of Servant Leaders

The Anointing Woman in the New Testament and Sojourner Truth

Servant leadership is a popular term. Yet, what does it look like? Can you actually be a leader who serves others with a humble spirit in today’s competitive marketplace, in today’s political environment, even in today’s church? I believe the answer is yes because Jesus modeled it and expects us to follow his leadership. The […]

How to “Love Kindness” by Embracing Differences

Pharaoh's Daughter and Sarah and Angelina Grimké

Don’t you enjoy being around someone who is kind? There’s a tangible gentleness, peace, and feeling of belonging whenever you are experiencing or witnessing an act of genuine kindness. I believe this is evidence of our being made in the image of God. The women I am writing about in this third of a four-part […]

How to “Do Justice” by Asking the Right Questions

Zelophehad's Daughters and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

A well-posed question is an effective tool which can jar me out of my assumptions, especially if that question requires me to think from another perspective or defend my own ideas and beliefs. My way of thinking is, after all, logical (in my mind), routine, and even comforting. In this second of a four-part series for Women’s […]

How to “Do Justice” through Righteous Defiance

Shiphrah, Puah, and Lucretia Mott - ordinary women who changed their world

Our world’s problems are overwhelming and we can feel helpless to make a difference. Yet, each one of us can make an impact on these problems with conscious, daily actions. From human trafficking to global warming to endless wars to the world’s refugee crisis, you can help to bring about positive change! As a leader, […]

“Hidden Figures” Movie Discussion Guide

With a Bible Study on the Samaritan Woman - A Woman Hidden in Plain Sight

I had a great time in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, last week consulting with a group of very capable, gifted, and enthusiastic women leaders guiding them through a strategic planning process (Hello, PASJ WMU!) Our fun activity on Friday evening was to go see the movie “Hidden Figures” together and then go out for dessert and a discussion […]