The Keys to Confident Leadership – Part 1

Seeing someone in a new light - Hagar

Do you need more confidence? How can you develop that confidence in a godly way? I’m going to re-introduce you to some biblical women and show you how they teach us the keys to confident leadership. Enjoy this 2-minute video clip from a presentation I did at the BRAVE to Lead Pre-Conference session sponsored by […]

How NOT to Be a Spiritual Snob

New Paths for a Woman's Spiritual Journey

I hate to admit it, but it is oh so true: I used to be a spiritual snob! Growing up in a conservative Christian denomination which focused on its interpretation of scripture as the “best” or “only” interpretation gave me a strong basis of scripture knowledge for which I am very grateful, but I let […]

The Best Choice? Prophet Anna’s Voice

The Women of Christmas, Part 4 of 4

It was a brisk spring morning and Anna’s aging bones were reminding her of her advanced years. After her daily ritual bath at the temple, required by all who wanted to enter the temple courts to worship, she ascended the steps toward the Court of Women. She caught herself grinning and almost skipping with some […]

The Strength of Surrender: Mary, the mother of Jesus

The Women of Christmas, Part 3

Who was the first person to know of the coming birth of the Messiah? Who was the first person to request a miracle from Jesus? Would you be surprised to know that the same woman is the answer to both of those questions? Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the first person to know of […]

Elizabeth’s Prophetic Joy

The Women of Christmas, Part 2 of 4

What is the most joyful thing you’ve ever experienced? For Elizabeth, it was the experience of finally being pregnant after a lifetime of barrenness. Sure, pregnancy is a common enough occurrence, but not for everyone. She was well past childbearing years, and yet God chose Elizabeth to be the recipient of one of the birthing […]

Hannah’s Hopeful Heart

The Women of Christmas, Part 1 of 4

Expectant hope was the motherly motivation that produced one of the greatest prophets in biblical history—Samuel. His mother, Hannah, left us a legacy of hope which had a tremendous influence not only on her son Samuel, but also on Mary, the mother of Jesus, 1,000 years later. During these next four weeks of Advent, I’ll […]

Thankful for fun, new opportunities

I was on TV!

This is Thanksgiving week and I’m very thankful for the life and friends and family God has given me. I am most thankful for Jesus and the salvation and eternal life he gives. And then there are those little surprises that come along in life. I have been working for Con’ Olio Oils and Vinegars […]

The Gift of Girlfriends!

How do you celebrate your friends?

Have you heard Reba McEntire’s new song “God and My Girlfriends” from her newest–and first gospel–album, “Sing it Now”? The song celebrates the blessing of faith and friendship and it sounds like the story of my life! I have been so blessed to have amazing girlfriends my whole life. I hope I have been the […]

Why Ministry Partnerships Matter

The example of Priscilla and Aquila

Ministry partnerships are the backbone of the church. If people didn’t work together, the church could not survive. In women’s ministry, women work together to create wonderful events for women to help them grow spiritually. In men’s ministry, men work together to provide opportunities for men to grow deeper in their faith. In the church […]

When a Woman Called for Reformation

Long before Luther, there was Huldah!

Martin Luther’s Reformation began in his own heart when he read with new eyes the scripture “The righteous will live by faith” in Romans 1:17 and he finally understood that his good works wouldn’t save him. His interpretation sparked the Protestant Reformation on October 31, 1517. And today happens to be the 500th Anniversary of […]

Telling People Where to Go . . .

How to Read the Bible Like a Leader - Part 3

What is your process as a leader for knowing where to go next? Sometimes the “going” is literal for yourself as in where God is calling you to move, to work, to serve, or to learn. Sometimes the “going” is more about where your group needs to go next as in changing locations for your […]

How to Read the Bible Like a Leader – Part 2

The Manual for ANY Leadership Role

How can we know we are leading as Christ would have us lead? There are many excellent resources available for leadership training–both faith-based and secular–yet the best manual for any leadership role is the Bible. If we will start by focusing on the leadership skills emphasized in the Bible, then we can filter all other […]

How to Read the Bible Like a Leader

Jesus' training manual now available*

Ever wonder where Jesus got his training to be a leader? Yes, he was God in the flesh, but he chose to limit his powers while on earth and became a servant who demonstrated what it looks like to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as […]

A Leader’s Spiritual Presence

Spiritual Intelligence Skills Part 4

How do wisdom AND compassion show up in your role as a teacher/mentor/leader? Sometimes it’s easier to be wise than compassionate. As a leader, you are probably capable of surveying a situation and logically planning a solution or plan of action that will get the job done, make a decision, or take the next step. […]

Who’s really in the driver’s seat?

Spiritual Intelligence Skills Part 3

Being in charge, responsible, and accountable are all part of the leader’s job description, right? So how’s that working out for you? I hope not at all! What?!?! you ask. Read on. When it comes to spiritual skills, your goal is to give the driving privileges of your life over to your Higher Self–which, for […]

Spiritual Skills That Stretch A Leader’s Mind

Spiritual Intelligence Skills Part 2

How broad is your perspective? As I child, I would lie in the cool, green grass on a summer afternoon looking up into the sky through the feathery leaves of the mimosa tree in our front yard. Noticing how the leaves would fold up each evening was a fun fact for a five- year old. […]

How Self-Awareness Can Improve Your Leadership

Spiritual Intelligence Skills Part 1

Great leaders understand the need for self-awareness and practice it with the goal of self-improvement. Effective Christian leaders seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in aligning their gifts, talents, and inner selves with God’s work in the world. To start, you need to make use of the tools available for knowing who you are and what […]

Can you measure Spiritual Intelligence?

Workshop coming Sep 16

Who are your spiritual leaders–past and present? Most of us would probably have Jesus at the top of our list, yet there are others who have also brought wisdom, peace, and compassion to our world. I think of the Apostle Paul, Corrie ten Boom, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks. Have you ever […]

12 Leader Habits that Can Change the World

Leader Habits in 90-Word Nuggets

Each of the following 12 headings starts with a letter that when put together spells “Leader Habits.” Each of these habits affects your leadership and the people you lead. When you change the world for one person, you change the world for all of us. How do I know these habits will change the world? […]

Serve Others out of Love

How to Amaze Your Audience

Great leaders know how to love those with whom they work. Whether you work/serve in the secular world or in a Christian environment, the way you treat others reveals your true colors. The crowds were amazed at Jesus’ teaching because he taught with authority, not as their teachers of the law (Matt. 7:28-29). His teaching […]